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                              Henan Dashan Mountain Machine Co.,Ltd is a joint-stock enterprise that produces large and medium-sized series of mining machines.Our company is located in zhengzhou,the captial of henan province,including three subsidiaries and a research & develop department.
                              There are more than 32,500 staffs,among them there are over 100 persons are engineers.All of them are prepared great potential for the rapid development of the company.
                              Our main products are jaw crusher,impact crusher,vibrating feeder and screen,sand making machine,sand washing machine,cone crasher,Ball Mill,raymond Ball Mill and so on.
                              The company pays attention to basic & quality management, we have built networks in order to make the management of logistics to achieve ABC management, process design using CAD, CAPP technology and so on.
                              We had passed the evaluation of ISO 9001-2000 certification in 2004.The company has pay more attention to the international technical communication and cooperation,adopts advanced technology & craftwork of europe countries.
                              Our company owns a service team that has rich experience and skillful technique.We try our best to carve out market and provide services all the time.Depending on the stable capabilities,our products are well know to international markets such as middle east,south africa,west europe and so on.
                              Since the company established,staff in our company are continuously to work hard to provide our customers the high-quality products.We prepare to provide you with heartfelt service at any time.Please feel free to contact us for further information and negotation.
                              Henan Dashan Mountain Machinery Co., Ltd.
                              Tel:+86+ +86+ Fax:[86]-[0371]-63525818 Email:
                              Impact Crusher, Aerated Concrete, Aerated Concrete Equipments, Iron Selection Equipment, Ball Mill, Mine Selection Machine, Rotary Kiln Equipment

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