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                                Our company is an import and export enterprises and companies to produce large and medium-sized series of mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, building materials mainly equipment, set the development, production, sales as one of the joint-stock enterprises, the company has three subsidiaries, a research and development. Since the company since the establishment of a modern enterprise with advanced production management system Seiko, independent innovation, bringing together a group of scientific and technological elite, the company now more than 32,500 people, senior engineer 20. X, in grades 1-1 00 more technical people, the company's long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research units, with the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, process and testing equipment.
                                Companies pay attention to basic management, quality management companies have built networks, work at home to achieve the management of logistics to achieve ABC management, the company implemented computer information and computer technology for production management, product development, process design using CAD, CAPP technology, the company in 2004 Completed IS09001-2000 quality certification for version of the work.
                                Companies continue to insist on the development of new products and research and development, technical transformation investment funds, and improve product development to meet the different needs of users.
                                All user-centric, and promote customer satisfaction projects and sincere cooperation, we started!

                                Adhere to raise product competitiveness as the core research and development strategy, the Institute set up a machinery to "scientific research, technology transfer, technical improvements" and "production, learning and research" two three-pronged main line, aimed at the cutting edge of technology industry , And constantly enhance their overall scientific and technological innovation capacity.
                                With market demand and technological development trends, the introduction of digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad, pioneering and innovative.
                                Institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions and joint research. I Company Institute and the University Institute of Technology in Zhengzhou, Henan University of Science and Technology (formerly Luoyang Institute of Technology), the mechanical design of the Sixth Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry, Building Materials and Design Institute of the Northeast and many other institutions of higher learning and scientific research units maintained a long-term, close cooperation.
                                Increase scientific and technological research and development efforts into. Adhere to the sales revenue l 5% as the development of new products, high-tech products to improve the research and development, testing and production, accelerating the development of high-tech products and large-scale production.
                                Companies just starting to clearly understand that technology in the building materials machinery industry in the development of a major role. Aggregate fully absorb the benefits of imported equipment, to lay the technological transformation of our company in the country's technology industry leader.
                                With the company's products are maturing, improving the service system, the majority of users are increasingly trust. Since 1996 the first device in India by the use of praise, the company gradually open the international market. Has to Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Iran and other countries exporting equipment.
                                Product quality is the lifeline of the company. To quality as the core, have set up a complete production quality management system, and quantitative management into the system, from product development, production, quality inspection with two tests, sales to after-sales service, to rigorous, realistic, Scientific professionalism carefully to build customer satisfaction of products and services.
                                The company took the lead in the same industry through lS09001: 2000 international quality management system certification. In more than 10 years of hard efforts of the company's brand building materials equipment already in the same industry-leading level, new and old customers at home and abroad by the high praise.
                                Henan Dashan Mountain Machinery Co., Ltd.
                                Tel:+86+ +86+ Fax:[86]-[0371]-63525818 Email:
                                Impact Crusher, Aerated Concrete, Aerated Concrete Equipments, Iron Selection Equipment, Ball Mill, Mine Selection Machine, Rotary Kiln Equipment
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