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                    Air overturned cutting machine
                    Air overturned cutter is based on England technology, the union domestic actual situation develops one kind simple, practical, highly effective cuts the unit.

                    Work way:
                    Recuperates Base body the belt mold airborne to turnover 90 in advance, then Base body will put in cuts on the car or Roll tableon, will take off the mold frame by the drawing of patterns organization. Base body or Roll table walks through the car carries on the level to cut, after cuts Base body continues to lead the way to the transverse cutting position localization, carries on across cutting,after cuts leads the way by the driving hangs Base body
                    Main characteristic:
                    · Simple constructure, convenient service.
                    · high working efficient & Reliable balance when it turn over.
                    · High precision of Base body cuts.
                    · Transverse cutting transmission in two forms: Mechanicaldrive and hydraulic transmission.
                    · Cuts Base body at the same time may carry on the notch Ball Mill processing, suitable for the plate processing.
                    number Name Target Note
                    1 Efficiency 15-25 Ten thousandM3/Year
                    2 The base experiences
                    and observes a dimension
                    6.0 �� 1.2 �� 0.6 M Nothing but
                    3 Cutting modulus 5/10 mm Release eager/ crosscut
                    4 Cutting accuracy 3��1.5��1.5 mm Strong point , width , height
                    5 Production cycle 6 min/Model
                    6 Cutting lead plane mass 30 t Even if cutting/ crosscut,/ the roller says
                    7 22 kw
                    Henan Dashan Mountain Machinery Co., Ltd.
                    Tel:+86+ +86+ Fax:[86]-[0371]-63525818 Email:
                    Impact Crusher, Aerated Concrete, Aerated Concrete Equipments, Iron Selection Equipment, Ball Mill, Mine Selection Machine, Rotary Kiln Equipment
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