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                        2. MSZ160--8Non-burned Brick-manufacture-machine
                          Equipment superiority:
                          1.   This machine design transfers type for the plate. Has the pressure to demonstrate, overpressure reports to the police, overload, outs of gas will be auto-stop and so on protection function.
                          2.   The movable part completely seals, pressure supplies the oil, lubrication by oil circulation, fat liquor passes through many times filters; the ad hoc oil compensates the fuel tank, Causes the movable part sufficient lubrication, and reduces attrition.
                          3.   Rotates the eccentric shaft coaxial gear separation, causes the crank gear vice- completely to seal.
                          4.   Oil plugs multiple dustproof seal, Uses high strength rubber expansion and contraction wrap.
                          5.   Two side of Roof plugs pole use the spherical surface tile, pressure supplies the oil lubrication.
                          Productivity Unfired brick specification Mold quantity Biggest suppressed strength Each time takes shape Crank rotation
                          2100 Block /h 240 × 115 × 53mm 8 15.7 × 10 6 N 1 33.33r/min
                          Main engine electrical machinery Model Y 200L - 6 Feeds material 
                          Electrical machinery
                          Model Y132 — 6s
                          Power 15KW Power   3kw
                          Contour size 3020 × 858 × 2480mm
                          Padding depth 70 — 110mm
                          Entire machine quality 8.2T

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