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                              1. coment tube making machine

                                hanging roller cement tube making machine

                                cement tube making machine mould

                                hanging roller cement tube making machine
                                Prestress high intension concrete tube

                                3d字谜太湖钓叟字谜The machine takes sand, gravel and cement as raw material, using the roller pressure and centrifugal force produced by roller and steel mould revolving to make the material dense and formed. It can produce long 1000-4000mm, inside diameter 200-2000mm steel bar concrete pipe. Average performance 6-8/h. the machine is operated easily, work steady and with rare malfunction. The tube inside and outside is smooth and is used in various fields. It is the first choice for large-scale liquid supply and drainage.

                                LWC centrifugal type: The LWC centrifugal type cement tube making machine can produce socket, even mouth tube, tongue and groove tube, floral tube etc .steel bar concrete pipe and concrete tube with inside diameter 200-1200MM, long 2000-5000MM to meet high standard required deep well, municipal administration draining water, highway construction needs.
                                The machine can use the stone chips (market waste material), slag, flyash, sand and plus 20% cement to make socket tube. even tube、tongue and groove tube and hole cement tribe with inside diameter 150-l000mm, and length of l000mm,the machine is advanced technology, inside water pressure 0.2-0.5MPa, connection pipe is formed one time, and can take off its mould immediately. Its general power is 9-12.5 Kw. One machine needs 6-8 persons in a work unit and can make l0-15/hour. It is widely used in irrigation, deep well, small water transporting station, municipal drainage, roads and culverts etc.
                                Technical parameter and formed tube specification of HQY-2000A cement tube making machine:
                                (300-2000) >< 2000mm Forming cycle: (10- 30cm)/tube performance and characteristic: our patent product HQY series hanging roller tube making machine is used to produce various connecting mouth tube(even mouth, tongue and groove, bell and spigot joint, double receptacle etc) with 150-2400, length 1-2m and steel bar tube ~4th effective length of 2m and different culvert's special equipments. The machine is with many merits of rare malfunction, maintaining easily, high producing efficiency and low power constume. Name specification cement tube making machine (feeding by hand, adjusting speed motet9 300-600 2000MM (feeding by hand, adjusting speed motor) 700-1200 2000MM (feeding by hand, adjusting speed motor) 809-1500 2000MM (mechanical feeding, adjus0ng speed motor) 700-1200 2000MM (mechanical materials, adjusting speed motor).
                                Henan Dashan Mountain Machinery Co., Ltd.
                                Tel:+86+ +86+ Fax:[86]-[0371]-63525818 Email:
                                Impact Crusher, Aerated Concrete, Aerated Concrete Equipments, Iron Selection Equipment, Ball Mill, Mine Selection Machine, Rotary Kiln Equipment
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