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                            Separating Machine
                            Main Features :

                            1> Simple and practical structure facilitates installation and maintenance;
                            2> After tilting the blank stands vertically with the width of 600mm and the height of 1200mm,thus the cutting wire can be shorter and cutting precision can be more exactly,because it is not easy to be broken and drifted.
                            3> The vertical cutting device is fixed and the vertical cutting device is done when the cart with the blank is yunning. The horizontal corss-cutting device is driven by the chain which can ensure even lifting of the cross cutting support and the cutting precision;
                            4> As the blank stands vertically ,the grooves on both sides of the blank (with width of 600ram)can be Ball Milled at the same time when the blank is cut vertically, no groove processing device is needed.
                            5> The machine can process both building blocks and slabs and the blank can be cut in six sides therefore the quality of product is free from affection of mould oil and the deformation of the mould;
                            6> The machine has simple operation and cutting processes (tilting, vertical cutting and cross cutting)can be finished in different positions therefore operation is simplified and maintenance is convenient.

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